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Infinity POWER Manuals

This page allows you to view the program manual for any of the Infinity POWER products. These manuals are in PDF format and are the complete on-line documentation of the currently shipping product version. These manual files are also available on the CD-ROM.

If you are having trouble viewing Infinity POWER manuals, Data Pro has created a utility to allow users the capability to view the .chm (html on-line help) files that are blocked due to recent Microsoft Service Pack security updates. 

By executing this new utility program, the help files will be marked as "Safe to View" so you will be able to view .chm files from within the Infinity POWER application. Simply save this utility (AllowHTMLHelp.exe file) into your power directory, go to that directory and run the utility, click the Update button and you will then be able to view the .chm files properly.

If you cannot download this file by clicking the form button, right-click on this link and select "Save Target As..." Download AllowHTMLHelp.exe

Installation Guides
Windows Installation Guide -
(Includes Microsoft SQL Server Installation Instructions)

E-Commerce Manuals
Data Dictionary

Download and install the latest version of Acrobat Reader
Download to view
PDF documents on this site.

Infinity POWER Manuals
System Administrator
General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Purchase Order
Accounts Receivable
Inventory Management
Sales Order
Point of Sale
Job Cost Main Module
Check Reconciliation
Time Sheet Entry
Advanced Security
Security Objects Definitions
Customer Support Management
Report Writer
Report Writer Run-Time
Forms Generator
POWER Upgrade Utility
Menu Editing Tool

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