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Infinity Commerce Applications
Data Pro Accounting Software’s advanced Infinity COMMERCE web technologies are included with both Standard and Client/Server SQL versions of the System Administrator, all users are provided with the tools they need to integrate their accounting system for Internet and Intranet e-Commerce implementations immediately. By including DP/DashBoard, DP/AUTO, DP/STORE, DP/SCAN and DP/CHARGE to your arsenal, your company will have the components for a complete Intranet and e-Commerce presence.

DP/DashBoard is one of Data Pro Accounting Software's unique deployments of its Infinity COMMERCE technology which is built into all Infinity POWER accounting applications. This special technology allows companies to deploy a central web-based "Intranet" system to manage their financial reporting system and much more from inside their company's four walls to the limits of the world.

This includes a central "corporate-wide" calendar and document control system integrated with the Customer Support Management system. Companies with varying needs and even other accounting systems (other than Data Pro's), can utilize this unique product to make better decisions and improve communications within their organizations.

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Data Pro Accounting Software's DP/AUTO (Event Triggering System) is a powerful technology that extends a company's capabilities in many exciting new ways. This technology allows firms of all sizes and shapes to better manage their business from a more pro-active point of view.

Unlike a simple "macro" program, DP/AUTO has the capabilities to integrate seamlessly with all of the Data Pro Infinity POWER applications in a "smart" fashion once the utility has had the ability to analyze information and perform the steps you've directed it to take. It works in the background, on any timetable you establish, and therefore becomes one of the most reliable tools any firm can deploy.

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The DP/STORE product is a complete E-Commerce Website builder which is integrated with the Infinity POWER accounting system. While most companies boast about having an E-Commerce solution for doing business with their customers over the Web, truly integrating directly to the customer's data files has remained elusive. Data Pro's Infinity COMMERCE technology has provided this capability for years, however, many users have not had the internal expertise to develop their own Web sites from a graphical point of view while achieving the technical understanding required to bring in the direct integration of their real time accounting data.

Because more and more customers are requiring online E-Commerce capability, Data Pro created a user-friendly, Web-based product that allows our customers to easily set up their own commerce-enabled Web sites.

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The DP/SCAN software is a special software application written specifically by Data Pro Accounting Software to run on a wide range of handheld bar code scanning devices that support the “Windows Mobile” operating system.

This product is specifically designed to function as if it is another user connected directly to your accounting system operating in “REAL TIME.” When the software reads from any data files, it is looking at the latest version of the data files as they may exist at any moment in time.

The benefits of using DP/SCAN are significant in time savings and for allowing significant ease of use in “cycle counts” and insuring that your inventory valuations are more accurate than ever! Without a timely process of counting inventory and processing receipts of inventory, many companies quickly lose their grip on a moving target.

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The DP/CHARGE Credit Card Payment Server is designed to work seamlessly with the three Infinity POWER applications allowing credit card processing to occur through the posting of deposits, payments or recurring cycle invoices.

The Infinity POWER Accounts Receivable, Sales Order Entry or Point of Sale modules allow users to generate invoices and sales orders for customers and post a credit card transaction as a deposit or payment method for each transaction in lieu of checks or cash. With Internet access required, these transaction authorizations occur virtually instantly!

With all of the latest rules and regulations from the PCI Standards Security Counsel (PCI-SSC) mandating that all businesses (merchants) who accept credit cards as a payment method have the highest levels of security compliance in the business operations as well as their software. Data Pro’s Infinity POWER users running Version 7.4 or higher are assured that the software is fully PA-DSS Compliant.

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