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The DP/STORE product is a complete E-Commerce Website builder which is integrated with the Infinity POWER accounting system. While most companies boast about having an E-Commerce solution for doing business with their customers over the Web, truly integrating directly to the customer's data files has remained elusive. Data Pro's Infinity COMMERCE technology has provided this capability for years, however, many users have not had the internal expertise to develop their own Web sites from a graphical point of view while achieving the technical understanding required to bring in the direct integration of their real time accounting data.

Because more and more customers are requiring online E-Commerce capability, Data Pro created a user-friendly, Web-based product that allows our customers to easily set up their own commerce-enabled Web sites. The goal was to create a Web development tool with menu, image and color scheme design options while taking advantage of the built in links to the accounting system without having to become an advanced Web site developer. DP/STORE does just this and a whole lot more!

This product is designed to allow a business manager to empower their staff and decide what their Web site is going to look like, build their marketing information they want to provide to the world, take orders from customers, process payments for those orders (i.e. credit cards), calculate freight charges using the built in DP/FREIGHT interface to UPS and Federal Express and allow full real time order processing. Even if there are new customers coming to your Web site, the system allows them to add themselves on-line and get whatever special pricing you define based on the Infinity POWER Price Plans you may have setup in advance.

The flexibility of this system is unparalleled by any utility on the market today. DP/STORE allows the hosting of thousands of different companies on the same Web Server with different color schemes and user interfaces all the while connecting to a wide range of unique accounting servers. In other words, it is the perfect solution for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who truly want to provide their customers with a solid front end to their accounting data instead of just feeding them orders in a batch format.

When your accounting system can have a two-way communication with the Web Server, you have the ability to significantly enhance your customer's on-line shopping experience. Maintain dynamic graphics and text on each inventory item straight from your accounting data which is managed by your office staff, not a Web designer.

Pricing is managed in real time. Customer Service is about providing your customers with information now. Customers can get their own unique price on thousands of items on-line with the use of custom price plans set up in the Accounts Receivable and Manufacturing Inventory modules. As a result, they will be more likely to place their orders with you on-line. Better yet, that doesn't require an order entry clerk to be on the phone tying up further company resources and enhances the customer's relationship with your company.

Additionally, on-line inquiry functions are built in as a standard feature within the DP/STORE system so that customers again do not have to call your staff to see where their orders are. They can look on-line from your Web site and peer straight into your Sales Order Entry module to see the current status of their orders. This tells them if their orders have shipped or not, what is on backorder and when they can expect things to arrive. No staff has to be on the phone to take these calls. Savings build on a daily basis as this Web-based ordering system is deployed. Plus, this feature is not just for your customers to use. It also applies to any outside sales representatives you may have as well.

A special login for either your sales representatives or internal order entry staff will allow them to login as one of your customers if you grant them special security rights. The benefit of this is that with all of the custom pricing capabilities of the software with custom price plans, the system will generate all of their unique pricing for their orders without requiring the actual customer to login to place the orders through your Web site. Your sales staff can manually get the order from the customer on a sales call and then login and place the order for the client while in the field if desired. It is certainly better than having a sales force faxing orders to the home office!

DP/STORE is all Web-based! Built on Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), this means that thousands of Web designers around the world now have the ability to help you develop even more "custom-inactions" to your site, if desired. However, DP/STORE comes with a complete management system that is completely controlled through a browser so that all configuration and management of the site remains available on-line 24 hours per day.

DP/STORE provides a secure administrator login which allows for the configuration of the functionality and style of your Website. The images, colors, styles, and menu structure are completely user-definable. The On-Line Store functionality is included with the product and provides the Website users with the ability to "Register as a Customer," "Login as a Customer," "Change their Customer Profile," "Set their Login Password," browse the inventory products you wish to sell them, maintain a complete shopping cart of the items they are purchasing, and finalize their purchase using the check out procedure.

Users can log into the DP/STORE system as either a "customer" or as an "administrator." The menu options that become available are dependent upon which login is used. A "customer login" only allows access to the Company Info and Order On-line main menu options. Within these options, an "administrator" can determine which options will require a login and/or administrator privileges for access by a user.

It is important to understand that DP/STORE provides the capability to create a look and feel that is unique to your company. Placement of graphics, color schemes, menu styles selections, etc., can completely change the appearance of your E-Commerce site.

Menus can come in the form of drop-down menus, expandable menus, links, and indented. These are all part of the choices that come with the administration of the Web site. Users get to decide the look and feel that works the best for their organization!

Some of the key features in DP/STORE are the standard Login, Forgot Password?, Register and Why Register buttons which reside at the top right of the screen. These are general functions that every Web site needs and eliminates the Web developers from having to define the integration to the accounting system. The login allows direct integration to the Accounts Receivable module so that customers may have their password defined and maintained in the Customer File for access to the Web site. Management will control who has access to these customer accounts within the Infinity POWER accounting software.

The "Register" button is the built in access option allowing new users to add themselves to the system and prepare themselves for being able to place orders with the company on-line or ask for literature and other information about your company.

The "Why Register" button provides the marketing group with an opportunity to provide a compelling message as to why new users want to engage your system on-line and get registered today!

This Company Information category consists of the Contact Us, Careers, and Privacy Policy option. These are default sections of virtually any Web site where management needs to be able to easily input how the world needs to "contact" the company, list any career opportunities, and state a Privacy Policy regarding the security of data that is managed through this Web site. A default setup is provided by the system with complete ability for editing available for each company.

Ordering products on-line is one of the primary benefits of DP/STORE. By setting up in the administrative mode a variety of product categories and groups, managers may define what each customer is going to see as they shop throughout the system. All images, text, pricing, and unit of measure are pulled directly from the Manufacturing Inventory Management module.

The DP/STORE system directly integrates with the Infinity POWER Accounts Receivable and Sales Order Entry modules which allows full processing of credit cards as a standard method of payment for all transactions. Of course, users are also allowed to invoke standard terms as well for their customers that can include C.O.D., Net 10 Days, Net 30 Days and more depending on what has been defined on each individual customer's record. The methods of payment are defined by company and will display to the customer during their shopping experience.

A key feature provided through the integration with Sales Order Entry is that DP/STORE allows shoppers to go through your Web site and select all of the items that they want to purchase and generate their own proposals. For instance, a user may not have authorization or a credit card ready at the time they are shopping, but they don't want to waste the valuable time they have spent going through your site and figuring out what they want to purchase. What to do?

Save it as a proposal! This way, at any time later, the customer may return, login with their User ID and Password, perform an Order Inquiry on all of their proposals, find the specific proposal and convert it into a real order in a matter of seconds. Better yet, they could save the proposal, print it and ask their purchasing department to generate a check to be mailed to your firm. This feature provides maximum flexibility and is an ideal tool for your own internal sales force in generating proposals for their customers.

The keys to DP/STORE are the management tools provided to configure the system almost at every aspect through the simple use of a browser and without having to be an advanced Web or graphics programmer. When you login as the "Administrator," a special set of options will appear.

This functionality lies at the heart of DP/STORE by providing the Administrator which could be the business owner, General Manager, VP of Sales or the MIS Manager in conjunction with the graphics department to configure the system. Everything from menu creation to image uploads, to the color of the Web site, to document control is managed through these options.

Document control can mean simply transferring your favorite Word or PDF files to be used for downloads off the Web site right from your local or a common network drive. It can also mean editing or creating Web pages. For those with some HTML coding experience, there is a very powerful file editing option with built-in code creation functionality. Your editing needs may be as simple as changing a phone number to adding tables and images. Once you have edited your file, you can view the page in position before you need to save it. When you are comfortable with your edits, simply save the file and you’re done!

Throughout the DP/STORE Web system, the Administrator can change the color of virtually every button, every background, every menu and much more. Better yet, if desired, each color and font configuration can be stored as a template for later use. If you are an ISP hosting multiple Web sites, this is ideal when you get a good combination of colors and fonts worked out that certain users like but others may want to slightly adjust. No problem, just load the template, copy it and make your changes. It's just that simple!

There are several useful features incorporated into DP/STORE.
  • Natural enhancement to existing software owners.
  • Create a DP/STORE Website with each company's unique look/feel without hiring a Web developer!
  • DP/STORE increases your profits immediately with real-time online ordering.
  • Multiple Menu Styles Links, Drop-down, Expandable.
  • Secured Login Options Customer Login vs. Admin Login.
  • Access Customer Account Information.
  • Edit Profile/Shipping/Credit Card Information.
  • Perform Order Inquiries on existing Customer Accounts.
  • Ability to change passwords on-line by users.
  • DP/STORE Website integrated directly with your Infinity POWER accounting software.
  • Manufacturing Inventory Management/Sales Orders/Accounts Receivable records all automatically updated in your accounting system.
  • Documentation Control with the "Manage Doc Libraries" feature - upload product documentation in an instant.

  • Product Listings configurable in multiple display modes thumbnail, color/style, simple product list.
  • Product Listings configurable in multiple search methods, Item Number Range, Item Bin Number Range, Item Category Range.
  • Upload images for products.
  • On-line Billing methods.

  • All Main Menu/Submenu/Drop-down menus are configurable Text/Color/Login and Password Requirements for access.
  • Change company logos, graphics, and banners.
  • Update your Website in real-time.
  • Change Website color schemes for all components of Website.
  • Option to view Website with or without side submenu.
  • Manage Page Content function simplifies Web content development.
  • Easy Point/Click to select attributes to apply to your Website.

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View Online DP/STORE Demo

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