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About Data Pro Accounting Software

Infinity POWER & Infinity COMMERCE
  • Company Background

  • Data Pro Accounting Software, Inc. has been developing a wide range of sophisticated accounting software and electronic commerce applications since 1985. After winning a private label accounting software contract with ComputerLand stores and marketing the product line as ComputerLand Professional Accounting Series (CPA Series), Data Pro further developed its already award winning software applications. From here, Data Pro has evolved to the next generation of products, Infinity POWER.

    These products were then advanced to be web enabled via Data Pro’s e-Commerce technology such as DP/DashBoard and DP/STORE. Other advanced business solutions were also introduced such as DP/AUTO Event Triggering System. Data Pro continues to develop cutting edge technology that provides unprecedented business and accounting solutions.

  • Product Profile

  • Data Pro Accounting Software's Infinity POWER products represent a special mix of advanced accounting software solutions designed to address a wide range of business needs in a highly integrated fashion. With over fifteen (15) application modules targeting specific industries such as Financial Accounting, Job Costing, Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Point of Sale, Payroll, Inventory Management, Bank Reconciliation, Support Billing and more, users find that Infinity POWER is highly flexible in its implementation and design. Supporting business of all sizes, Infinity POWER (Standard or SQL) includes (10) user counts.

    Infinity POWER also comes with (2) user interfaces: Windows Graphical and Character-based, which can be used simultaneously. Infinity POWER's ease of use and integration capability with a wide range of third party applications make it an ideal solution for a wide variety of companies.

  • Customization and Modification Tools

  • Data Pro Accounting Software incorporates a wide range of customization tools throughout all of its applications that allow users and Dealers to modify the application to the customer's needs without affecting their long-term ability to easily upgrade. Tools such as Menu Editing Tool, Forms Generator, and Report Writer allow the customization of the menu system including adding the integration of third party products, the modification of forms to meet specifications and formats, and the ability to design custom reports. All these tools are included in the System Administrator modules. Plus, with Infinity COMMERCE built in to every accounting system, custom applications may be developed through the use of Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) and HTML technology providing the ability to create a unique and customized user interface to the product, meeting the customer's needs.
  • Internet Strategy

  • Data Pro was an early pioneer in the internet marketplace with the release of its Infinity COMMERCE applications based on its own technologies such as POWERServer, DP/SMART, and DP/SHOP. Expanding this to include Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), Data Pro became an industry leader and established the ability for users to have full access to all of their accounting software data from the Internet and the ability to update this data in "real time" from a web server. The possibilities for business owners are endless with this evolving e-Commerce technology.
  • Product Development

  • Data Pro Accounting Software issues yearly product releases with minor updates in between through a standard software utility that is included at no charge with the software called “DP/Update.” This option is built into the Infinity POWER menu system and is very convenient to run at any time. Internet access is required for successful downloads of updates. Otherwise, regular updates are sent to users via CD-ROM. Data Pro is always adding new features that will further advance our products to meet the business needs of tomorrow.
  • Reporting Systems

  • Data Pro provides several options to generate custom and advanced reports. With Infinity POWER Report Writer module, reports can be generated directly in the accounting system, or directed to the web via DP/DashBoard using POWERServer. Also, DP/AUTO can trigger daily reports to be sent directly to multiple email addresses. Data Pro makes reporting simple and allows data to be accessed at the touch of a button!
  • Conclusion

  • Data Pro has been developing cutting edge business solutions for years. From advanced accounting to sophisticated e-Commerce technologies, Data Pro continues to be an industry leader and pioneer in new technologies. Offering products in multiple platforms, multiple interfaces, and various packages, your business is sure to find the perfect solution for your business needs.

    Let us help you move forward today. Give us a call at 1-800-237-6377 or contact your local dealer for more information and a demonstration and see why you should be converting your system large or small today to Data Pro.

    We offer the business excellence your company needs both today and tomorrow.

That's why Data Pro!

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