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Word Description
W.C. This data item contains the workers' compensation class for the type of work that was performed. This item will not be displayed if the feature "Allow Workers' Comp. Class" in the Master Configuration is turned off. The default value will be the default WC Class set up in the employee's master file. You may accept this WC Class or press the space bar to blank the field and then press ENTER to scroll through the WC Class file to make your selection. For hourly employees, if you choose a WC Class that has a predefined pay rate set up, the system will use this rate instead of the employee's hourly rate.
Window A mini-screen of information which allows data entry, menu selection, special messages, or other windowing techniques.
Windowing The ability to overlap one program or option over another program (that is currently being processed), without interfering with the original program. Used in the system as a convenience to "Pop Up" a special function, such as a calculator for quick use and then return to the original screen to continue processing.