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Word Description
Macro A macro is a preset sequence of keystrokes defined by the operator, which can be activated by a simple keystroke sequence
Maintain Data Files This option includes both "Pack" and "Re-Index" utilities to manage your System Administrator files after a hardware or media failure. This procedure will also physically remove records that have been marked for deletion.
Manufacturing Type (AR) This data item controls the manufacturing functions that are performed for the inventory items on this invoice. The default value will be whatever you specified in the Master Configuration. You have three choices to select from. None - No manufacturing will be performed. The system will operate exactly the way the standard Accounts Receivable module would. If you sell more of an item than you have on hand, there will be no cost recorded for the units that you were short. The "Quantity to Adjust" field for the item will reflect any error. Shortage - The system will automatically manufacture items if you are short on those items and they have a bill of material. If you sell more of an item than you have on hand, the additional units needed will be manufactured. The manufacturing process is recorded just as it would be if you had used the option in Manufacturing Inventory to "Record Manufacturing." Complete - The system will automatically manufacture all items ordered. Even if you have enough of the item on hand to fill the order, the system will still manufacture the full amount of the order. Again, the manufacturing process is recorded in an identical manner to the Manufacturing Inventory Option to "Record Manufacturing."
Masking A user definable conditional statement used for selecting data and printing reports. This feature gives you the ability to select specific data records for reporting/printing purposes, and "mask" the remaining information in that file. Each program has its own specific usage for masking. By setting up specific parameters you wish to sort on, the system will sort through its records and only report or print those records which meet this criteria.
Menu The screen display in a computer program that lists the available choices for the user's selection.
Monochrome A monitor which has a single color display with no graphic capabilities.
Multi User A multi-user system is a group of terminals sharing one central processing unit. This type of system allows multiple users to share a single computer through the use of terminals.