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Word Description
Hard Copy Computer output which is printed on paper.
Hardware The physical equipment of a computer system, including the mechanical devices such as disk drives, printers, cables, terminal or screens, and the keyboard.
Hourly Extension This function allows you to calculate an earning or deduction amount based on the number of hours worked times a dollar amount per hour. You should enter the dollar amount per hour in the "Amount" data field and then, on the "Hour Ext" button. The system will calculate the total number of hours, multiply this by the amount per hour entered, and place the result in the "Amount" data field for this special pay type. Keep in mind, this may be established automatically by setting the "Type" for each Special Pay Type in the Employee's Master File. If so, this procedure is not required to have the calculation automatically performed.
Hours The "Hours" button allows you to change the default hours, pay rates, WC Class, and department allocation. The system will display another screen, which will allow you to change all of the default values. The default pay information will be the Home Department, Normal Hours, WC Class, and Normal Base Rate set up in the employee's master file.
Hours Type This data item contains the hour type (time category) for this line of input. The time categories are those you have set up in the Master Configuration. You may on the pull down menu to choose from the fifteen available time categories. After you make your selection, the time category description will be displayed below this data item. If the employee is hourly, the time category factor for this type will be used to calculate the hourly rate from the employee's base rate. The adjusted hourly rate will equal the normal hourly rate multiplied by the factor. So an hourly rate of $10.00 with a factor of 1.500 will provide an adjusted hourly rate of $15.00. If the category is 11-15, the hours entered will be subtracted from the employee's personal time balances that have been defined.