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Word Description
Field A specified "piece" of data which is stored by the system and can normally be printed, edited, or displayed by the user, (e.g., the customer's name line found in an Accounts Receivable Master File).
Field Width The number of character positions in a given field.
File An organized group of related records stored on a disk. Each file has a name by which it can be accessed.
Filename The label you or the program assigns to a file. In DOS there are eight characters available before the period and three characters available after the period for the extension in a file name. Special characters such as *, ., / and \ may not be used in file names because they are utilized by operating system software for system commands. Although the Windows operating system supports longer filenames, it is recommended that the standard 8.3 format be maintained.
Fiscal Year One of 12 or 13 periods (usually calendar months) in a company's fiscal or business year. This must be set in the system configurations so that the programs will know how to accumulate "Year to Date" information. A fiscal year can begin or end on any month of the year.
Fixed Due Date The system will then ask for the due date to be entered. The system will not calculate any due date but use the date entered as the due date of the transaction.
Foreground Process When simultaneously executing multiple programs, the program which requires active user interaction is the Foreground Process.
Format Command A command used to prepare a new disk for use by the computer system. Formatting destroys all existing data on a disk, therefore, you must be careful in the use of this command.
Freight Amount This is the dollar amount of freight that you would like to charge this customer for this transaction. This amount will be added to the net amount of the invoice and also posted to the sales code for freight set up in the Master Configuration.
From Code This is the sales code that has had an amount posted to it in error and needs to be adjusted. Enter the sales code or press the F2 key to scroll through the sales code file to make your selection. The sales code description will be displayed once the sales code has been selected.
Function A function is a task performed by the use of special keys. Functions operate the same way regardless of what program you are in (e.g., "F1" always accesses the Help Screens). Functions may be accessed at any time, from most places in a program.