DP/STORE Requirements
Part #445
DP/STORE Requirements

DP/STORE must be installed on a Microsoft Windows 2012, 2008, or 2003 Server with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) installed. All users accessing the DP/STORE system are required to have a browser, preferably a current version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. If all users accessing the DP/STORE are located within the same network and behind the same firewall, the installation may be done on the same server as the current accounting server, providing there are enough resources on the server (i.e. processor speed, memory and disk space). Since most other users will be accessing the DP/STORE from other locations, it is recommended that the DP/STORE be installed on a separate server from the accounting server. In supporting your accounting software, the DP/STORE system does require that your internal network system be configured for the TCP/IP networking protocol.

Infinity POWER & Other Software Requirements

DP/STORE is highly integrated with a wide variety of Infinity POWER accounting modules. It also requires a few additional tools to make any full E-Commerce Web site fully functional including a credit card payment server and a Secured Socket Layer Certificate (SSL) to encrypt all sensitive data being transferred across the Web. New and existing users should be aware that they must have installed all of the necessary Infinity POWER accounting modules for all DP/STORE features to be accessible. Otherwise, these features will simply not be available until these modules are purchased and/or installed. Below is a complete listing of the current modules and other software products and licenses that are necessary for all DP/STORE features to be fully functional.

* Below is a complete listing of the current modules that are necessary for all DP/STORE features to be accessible:

System Administrator Either Part #100 - Standard or Part #695 - Client/Server SQL Version
Includes the required POWERServer, Advanced Security Administrator module and all Infinity COMMERCE web tools. Operates under either the Standard or Client/Server SQL Version of Infinity POWER.)
Accounts Receivable Part #104 - Required to process the online ordering features when a purchase is made from the DP/STORE Website.
Manufacturing Inventory Management Part #105 - Required for the integration of the products being displayed or queried on the DP/STORE Website.
Sales Order Entry Part #106 - Required for online ordering features within the DP/STORE Website.
DP/CHARGE Credit Card Payment Server Part #273 - for use with a Merchant ID from OpenEdge. By using OpenEdge, you are assured that the software is fully PA-DSS Compliant.

Infinity POWER with the POWERServer module may be installed on any of the currently supported operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 10, 8, or 7(32 bit & 64 bit), and Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 2008, or 2003 (32 bit & 64 bit). The Infinity POWER accounting system can be installed with supported databases which include FoxPro, Microsoft SQL Server 2014/2012/2008/2005 (32 bit & 64 bit). All networks must support a TCP/IP based network protocol.

If you have any questions, please call Data Pro Sales at 727-803-1500 and they will be glad to answer any questions.